Platinum jewelry were stolen, movers buck

&Nbsp;    China has a sentence saying is: "anxiety" Qian soon King ladies moved of when, on encountered has such group guilty of thief, this group thief is help he moved of moved workers, this pieces things is occurred in last month of 5th,, Zhang ladies is a usually is busy of customer, was intends to moved, but from October has been drag to November 5 only time what are right, due to time compared of compact, So he on in Baidu inside casually find has home moved company door, initially is think service attitude and price amount are also can accept, so on select has, also barely of trust has, but later only found this pieces thing not should hasty Act, find a integrity of moved company than what are good, is such said is because Zhang ladies find to has this Chengdu moved company of employees theft has she of a Platinum necklace, this root necklace buy of when spent has Zhang ladies more than 30,000 more, even is folding points price now value 20,000 also is wrong wrong due to of, Ms Zhang moved out when not paying attention to, because he is related to hiding jewelry in glasses in the box, I thought hidden gold necklaces and earrings are safe, tidying up in the evening found glasses box empty, suddenly found to have stolen and quickly dialed the moving company's complaint.

      Platinum jewelry was stolen, moved workers shirk responsibility, this is zhihou of things occurred has, because moved company this also no prepared held this pieces Zhang ladies off gold jewelry of things, but at to Zhang ladies moved of when of several workers has two name is in while submitted has resignation, let Chengdu moved company time understand has this is anxiety of performance, actually Zhang ladies in moved of night on think somewhat suspected has, Just no evidence on didn't more wants to, later more wants to more wrong, reported has case, moved company of head also began query this two name employees, dang police station put this two a employees with to has police station zhihou Lee a, and King a (to Zhang ladies moved of workers, prepared submitted resignation of two name) is not admitted himself stole has necklace, said is addition a workers stole has things Hou points to he of, began things was on also is is star has, police also didn't gave up tracing, Later at the police station, with both sides of suspect confessed when interrogated no reason to quibble, this is Platinum jewelry stolen, Chengdu movers buck finally confess related news.


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